My name is Sagnik (साग्निक/সাগ্নিক) Bhattacharya, but I often spell it Sagnick. You can use the pronouns he/him/his when you talk about me in English. That picture up there really is a picture of me, but from 2012. A more recent photo of me is on LinkedIn.

Currently I am pursuing an MS in CS at the University of California, Berkeley, doing deep learning theory research with Professor Jonathan Shewchuk. I double-majored in Computer Science and Statistics at UC Berkeley during my undergrad. I was part of the CS Honors Program. I received the Dean’s Honor in Fall 2018, Spring 2019, and Fall 2019. I am a member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the CS Honor Society at Cal.

This GitHub repository contains notes from my discussion sections.

In Spring 2021 and Spring 2020 I was a TA for CS 189 (Introduction to Machine Learning). I designed, wrote, and coded a neural network package along with Sophia Sanborn in addition to teaching a discussion section and holding office hours every week.

This semester I am a TA for CS 70 (Discrete Math and Probability Theory). In Summer 2020 I was Head TA for the same course, and in Fall 2020 I was a TA for it. As Head TA, I managed assignments, oversaw grading, and planned the general flow of the course. As both TA and Head TA, my responsibilities included teaching two to four 1-hour discussion sections each week, and holding office hours.

I went to TreeHacks in February 2020 and built this web app which visualizes the decision boundaries of different machine learning models on different datasets. This project won the Best Data Visualization Hack award.

I am fluent in English, Hindi, Bangla, French, Python, Scheme, SQL, C, Rust, Java, and BrainF**k. And I have a decent level of proficiency in Spanish, Urdu, Sanskrit, Esperanto, C++, and Javascript. I swim, bike, run, and lift weights in my free time. Here’s my Strava. I also like to DM for Dungeons and Dragons.